Supplier Qualitative Questionnaire

With Haile Gold Mine being the largest gold mine east of the Mississippi River, it has a demand for a large amount of goods and services each year. Some of the commonly purchased goods include: industrial equipment, piping, heavy equipment supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), motors, and pumps. Commonly purchased services include: fabrication, civil construction, heavy equipment maintenance, and light vehicle maintenance.

If you feel your business could potentially supply Haile with product, please fill out the survey below, with your estimated monthly supply capability. Once completed your submission will be emailed to Haile Gold Mine’s Senior Buyer. If they feel there is potential for both parties to undertake in business, they will contact you. All South Carolina businesses will receive a response.

Learn more about being a supplier for Haile Gold Mine with the PDF below:

  • Company Details

  • Key Contact Person Details

  • Capability & Coverage

  • Conflict of Interest

    Note: A conflict of interest is defined as an individual / organization having multiple interests (e.g. investment in the company, family/friend in the company), which may cause undue influence on the relationship between your company and Haile Gold Mine
  • References