May 15, 2023

Haile supports Pedals Possible initiative

Haile Gold Mine recently provided $4k in support to the Lancaster Breakfast Rotary Club’s Pedals Possible initiative, which aims to give local students the ability to overcome their disabilities.

The Rotary Club started the project last year to provide bicycles to special needs students in 14 Lancaster County schools through partnerships with local individuals and businesses. The group worked their way through the county, with Kershaw Elementary as the only remaining elementary school needing sponsorship for a bike.

External Affairs and Social Performance Senior Advisor Kevin Cook said the bikes are designed to allow someone to walk alongside but otherwise provide the rider complete control.

“The idea is to encourage giving the student the ability to do it themselves,” he said.

The three-wheeled bicycle supports children with mobility issues by providing a way to increase their physical activity and strength. Lancaster Breakfast Rotary Club President Chad Catledge spearheaded the effort and wants to see it grow into a statewide program.

“While I am excited at the thought of pushing the Pedals Possible program across the nation, I am most excited that it started here in our own Lancaster County School District,” Chad said.

The adaptive bikes boost special needs programs in Lancaster County Schools for current and future students.

“It’s not just for this year’s class. I can see it maybe ten years into the future still being able to provide that empowerment to youngsters,” Kevin said. “For a person with physical challenges constantly told they can’t do something, this is one of those times where you get to say, ‘Yes, you can.’”

Watch the video below to see the special moments captured May 15 when Kershaw Elementary School students received their bike.

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